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Suscríbete para Saber Novedades

In 2015 we came to US with a dream....raise our family in the best country in the world and develop a business that allow us to share with the American people our unique signature food as Empanadas are. A fusioned cuisine  of the best of our European heritage and the ancient native traditions to bake food. more than 200 years of tradition are added in each of our empanadas , authentically Argentineans....no spicy, rich in flavors and aromas. Our commitment is never betray our roots in the kitchen and be sincere in every flavor to our past.

we also believe in be respectful with the environment and the health of our customers, therefore we  offer always freshly baked products to your table.

Our vision is contribute to what we call the next food inclusion in the American household, a healthy one, although aesy,clean,easy to enjoy in every occasion 

whether be for appetizer, for dinner, lunch or friends and family gathers...always is easier with Empanadas.