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Suscríbete para Saber Novedades

Our commitment always was deliver to you the healthiest and freshest food you can get . Thus, was consequently and  just a matter of time to create the largest variety of VEGAN EMPANADAS in the market, that we are bringing to you in all ours retail spaces.

From the Beyond Beef Empanada ( our traditional recipe replacing ground beef for Plant based meat from Beyond Meat TM.) to the sophisticated Vegan's favorite Mushrooms, Sesame seeds, onions & Peppers, our varieties includes : -Lentil & Potatoes with Peppers - Kale,Mushrooms,corn &Peppers or the Beyond Chicken ( with Almonds and lightly BBQ).

You will find in all of them the same quality and passion that we put in all our products.

Now we add to our gourmet Vegan Empanadas 5 new delicious flavors featuring:

-Spinach & Vegan Mozz. Cheese

-Caramelized Onions & Vegan Cheese

-Sweet corn,roasted red peppers & Vegan Cheese

-Sweet potatoes Jam & Vegan Cream cheese*

-Quince Jam &Vegan Cream Cheese*

 (Available only in Vegan Festivals,Special events and by special orders)