Got Empanadas ?

 We sell Empanadas...MOBILY !

Our products are daily Baked in the traditional Argentinean way, following an unique traditional recipe that made them Healthy and naturals.

And now we are proud to announce our All New VEGAN Empanadas....couldn't be more healthier!!! brownse in our Vegan'll be surprised.

To make the whole experience even better, now they are 15% bigger at the same price!!!...can you believe it?

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veggies open face empanadas ( broccoli-mushrooms-artichoke)
Beef empanadas along with Onions& cheese empanadas, serve with our exclusive chimichurri sauce 
About us

Pilar's Story

I grew up in Buenos Aires and I learned to cook since I have memory, spending countless hours between my mother's kitchen and the Estancias' kitchen where we use to spent the summers and where the Cooks taught me the "secrets" of the perfect empanada. The cheese-base empanadas in "Estancia Bella Vista", in Tandil where the finest cheeses of the Country are made of, or in "Estancia La Portena" in Cordoba where the Alfalfa grows and produce the best grass-feed beef in the country and the traditional Empanada is a cult.

In 2016 my husband and I, with our youngest 3 children decided to move to US and open an Argentinean restaurant in Cape Coral ,SWFL, where rapidly the Empanadas became our best seller item. So we decide start our exclusive Empanadas Argentinas business.

Today we produce more the 5000 unit per week supplying  our own mobile business and local caterers. 

Our products are...versatile

You can eat it immediately, keep it in the fridge for later and reheat them whether  in a conventional oven or even in the microwave,...... or even freeze them since they were never frozen  (and I will tell you a secret.....if you take them from the freezer and without defrost you put them directly in the oven for 20 min. they will become CRISPY THAN EVER BEFORE!!!),

In Lee,Collier,Charlotte and Sarasota County Find our booth in the main Farmers Markets and taste the "Real flavor of Argentina"

Marco Island , Vanderbilt ,Promenade ,Coconut point ,Sanibel Is. , Captiva Is. ,Burn Store Marina , Englewood,Venice , Boca Grande & Lakewood Ranch are some of them.

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